What I Do

Train Meditators
Teach Psychology
Mentor and Counsel Youth in Academics
Consult Organizations using a Lean/Sustainability Change Model


My general purpose is to aid individual and group wellness. Specifically, to promote increased participation and engagement in education and professional roles for historically underrepresented groups.

My main objective is assisting with physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

My primary goal is providing culturally competent academic and career counseling and education in the field of psychology.

My secondary goal is consulting for executives and entrepreneurs with the shared vision of increasing community engagement, wellness, and job satisfaction, while maintaining peak performance and efficiency in both worker productivity and environmental footprint.


Daniel was born and raised in the Los Angeles area. He is of mixed European, Indigenous, and Mexican Mestizo heritage.

He is finishing his doctoral studies in clinical psychology. Daniel is training in the fields of depth psychology, teaching, academic and career counseling, organizational psychology, and management consulting.

A practicing Mahayana Buddhist, Daniel has been meditating for 13 years, and training meditators and hatha yoga practitioners for 5 years.

He has an extensive education in Yoga Studies, Mindfulness Research, Clinical Psychology, Herbal Medicine, and Horticulture.

In addition, Daniel has over ten years of managerial, management consultation and coaching experience with several successful Information Technology companies.

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